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Intensive 1-week course

for Singers in collaboration with Frank van Aken

Working on a project? Getting ready for your next performance?

And worrying a little whether you will 'get it right'?

Most singers practice for dear life. They study the notes, sing along with recordings, repeat the lyrics. Then they go back to the pianist or orchestra, and get nervous. Oh boy, will I start at the right time? Where do I breathe? Counting like hell and still get it wrong.

Have you had those moments when the pianist/orchestra plays the beginning and you are not sure where exactly your first is to be sang? Or you have a bar full of notes and it is too complicated so you just go through somehow? Or the conductor/pianist/colleague says : "Be in time!" but you feel like you are already in time...Or you feel something is wrong with the timing but you don't have an idea what exactly?

We believe you can do this! Be at ease with the music, feel in control...and we can help!


During our lessons we will be coaching you what to do in those moments. How to feel what the music demands, keep your audience attracted, be in control instead of sweating cold sweat and counting in your head.

Our intensive 1-week course will have you singing with confidence in the least amount of time.   

Why to choose an intensive 1-week course?

  • You wish to learn and feel at ease with the new repertoire quickly.

  • You learn with clear objectives in mind and work towards that goal in the programme.

  • You are encouraged to write us between the lessons if you have any questions about the material learned.

  • You design the training completely around your requirements and preferences.

  • You will acquire and integrate new skills effectively due to the intensity of the course.

Do you prefer our Flexible programme singing course?


You can choose one of our flexible options:

  • You divide the five days of a regular training week (Monday through Friday) over multiple weeks (e.g. three days one week and two days the next).

  • You choose another programme composition. You can add an extra private lesson to your programme, for example.

  • You prefer to have lessons in the evenings or weekends.

Please feel free to contact us in case you would like to use the flexible programme option!

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